Alucobond Plus

The aluminium composite panel with a fire-retardant mineral filled core.

ALUCOBOND PLUS, its dynamic range of colours, formability and weather-resistance allows for complete freedom and creativity for design. It has been developed as a rigid and, at the same time, flexible fascia material for architecture.

ALUCOBOND PLUS consists of two aluminium coversheets and mineral-filled core. The unsurpassed finish and flatness of

ALUCOBOND plus has been developed exclusively for the more stringent requirements of the fire prevention regulations in architectural products. Thanks to its mineral-filled core ALUCOBOND plus meets the stricter requirements of the fire-classifications.

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Alucobond A2

ALUCOBOND A2 is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a mineral-filled core. The superb properties of this material boost one’s inspiration and offer architecture a whole new range of solutions. Whether your project is a private home, a public building, a corporate headquarter and offices, or a trading or industrial complex – or if your organisation wants to create a new image-building Corporate Design, ALUCOBOND A2 is the suitable solution.

Alucobond A2 has an enhanced FR core that further limits combustibility and is suitable for buildings that require a higher levels of fire resistance. Alucobond A2 has all the benefits and range of colours as Alucobond Plus. ALUCOBOND A2 perfectly adapts to the contours of the buildings forming complex, flowing elements. It is the combination of formability, flatness, stability and weather resistance that characterises this material. Due to its composite structure, ALUCOBOND A2 can take on many different shapes. It is almost like a different skin wrapping the building structure. Its perfect formability does not affect its stability and flatness.The high rigidity of the panel remains.


  • Low Weight, high rigidity, perfect flatness·
  • Large variety of colours.
  • Weatherproofing·
  • Vibration-dampingLarge panel sizes, fast installation, pre-fabricated panels.

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ALUCORE consists of two aluminium cover sheets of at least 0.5mm thickness sandwiching an expanded closed cell “honeycomb”aluminium core.

Following in the footsteps of the world-wide established ALUCOBOND brand of ACP panels, ALUCORE is also a composite material for a variety of applications in transport and industry or architecture, showing excellent product properties such as extraordinary flatness, large variety of colours, high formability and fire performance.

The aluminium closed cell honeycomb core gives the composite panel a high rigidity and an extremely low weight. ALUCORE therefore provides a decisive advantage over other types of core panel where very high demands are made on the material for applications such as façade cladding or roofing, e.g. if exposed to extremely high wind load and for large self-supporting panels.

In contrast to conventional cardboard type composite panels, the closed cell system components of ALUCORE are bonded in a continuous process. The material does not become brittle-hard but displays tough and resilient properties and excellent peel strength – the basis for extremely high product quality. Planners, architects and designers appreciate ALUCORE because it combines high mechanical properties, such as the tensile strength of the cover sheets leading to high wind performance of larger panels, with outstanding processing and aesthetic features.

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Aluminium Wood Look Cladding – Aliwood

The AliWood Cladding system offers a non-combustible and yet versatile timber finish aluminium cladding option that overcomes the drawbacks of traditional timber. AliWood Cladding is quick and easy to install, hence providing a hassle-free cladding option.

The system is complete with various trims and flashing and is designed to be used in both commercial and residential situations. Installed horizontally or vertically, the system delivers a natural, stylish and clean look. This architectural timber finish aluminium cladding system is ideal but not limited to fire prone areas, housing, sheds and feature walls… anywhere you would use timber without the requirement for maintenance.

AliWood are the experts in Aluminium Wood look products with over 13 years’ experience. They have created many innovative aluminium systems finished in a durable woodgrain look or powder coat finish and are constantly looking ahead to bring new designs for future projects and innovative concepts for a variety of building requirements and are created for easy installation, minimal maintenance and amazing aesthetics!

All designs are made to exact specifications, and stringently tested and certified to Australian Standards.


  • Non-Combustible.
  • deal Timber Substitute.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Virtually Maintenance.
  • Variety of Colour.
  • Sustainable.
  • Rot & Pest resistant.
  • Versatile.
  • Lightweight.
  • Mould Resistant.
  • Hidden Fixing system.

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Wood Composite Cladding Innoclad / Innowood

INNOWOOD products represent the ideal alternative to natural timber. Manufactured predominantly from natural wood waste, our products help to prevent forest depletion through the sustainable use of recycled material and energy management.


  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Durable and Lightweight.
  • Fire Resistant.
  • Flexible in Design.
  • Exhibits the same natural beauty as natural timber.

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Alucolux Solid

3A Composites have used their vast experience with aluminium façade panels to develop Alucolux Solid Aluminium. This enhances our extensive range of high performance cladding solutions. Alucolux is a 3mm solid, coil coated aluminium sheet material for exterior cladding and interior linings. Alucolux is available in most of the same colours found in the Alucobond Plus range and is also available in embossed surfaces to liven up the Wood Look and Stone Look ranges.

Developed from the optimum marine grade aluminium, Alucolux is the perfect combination of temper and hardness. Architectural cladding applications require the correct combination of these properties to perform when exposed to wind loads and pressure. Alucolux provides a non-combustible cladding solution for compliance and safety with no complications. Deemed non-combustible and certified to AS1530.1.

Alucolux provides solutions for architects, designers, developers, builders and construction companies looking for a premium solid aluminium façade panel they can safely specify for commercial, educational, aged care and residential projects without compromising design. This compliments our range of Alucobond Plus, Alucobond A2and Alucore A2 resulting in superior performance across and price range.


  • 100% Non-combustible to AS1530.1.
  • Custom sizes, colours and finishes.
  • Guaranteed Premium PVDF finish.
  • High quality marine grade aluminium specifically developed for architectural facades.
  • Easy to fabricate.

Paint finish
ALUCOLUX solid aluminium panel is available as an in-house pre-finished panel with a fluorocarbon PVDF coating applied through a reverse roller coating process. The coating is backed up through a valid and approved license from the paint supplier to the manufacturer. The standard three coat system consists of a chromate conversation coating, an inhibitive primer, with a colour and top coat containing not less than 70% PolyvinylideneFluoride (PVDF) resin by weight, and a total dry film thickness between 28-45microns. This system provides a long lasting premium finish. It also allows for a vast range on innovative finishes.

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Composite Timber Ceilings – Innoceil / Inowood

Innoceil systems offer the ideal timber look ceiling solution for any commercial or residential application.

Our systems not only create instant sophistication as an architectural feature, but they are also lightweight and therefore cost-effective as an alternative to natural timber. Most of the product can also be produced in a higher fire performance grade for commercial interior solutions. As the fire retardant properties are extruded in the material there is no danger of this being compromised after time.

FLEXIBILITY: Innoceil systems not only deliver a distinct architectural look, but it also has a high acoustic performance rating to provide the ultimate sound quality and external noise reduction capabilities.

DESIGNINTENT: INNOWOOD Ceiling Systems are designed to eliminate the unsightly appearance of exposed screws, nails, holes or surface fixings resulting in a clean, smooth and superior finish.

CAPABILITY: Innoceil systems can incorporate a unique acoustic material designed to enhance sound absorption and reduce sound transmission, making it the ideal ceiling solution.

BENEFITS: Easy of installation, the ability to order to length and the lightweight nature of the material as all key factors in saving cost while not compromising on appearance.


  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Durable and Lightweight.
  • FireResistant.
  • Flexible in Design.
  • Exhibits the same natural beauty as natural timber.

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Indurabond Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP), is Paneltec’s highly versatile façade cladding panel, offering excellent durability and extreme weather resistance. It is ideal for façades, fascia, soffits, awnings and many more applications such as standing seam cladding and balustrades.

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Induracore G2

Australia’s Leading Non-Combustible Panel


​Induracore G2 appears exactly the same as traditional aluminium composite panel (ACP), however the advanced technology of the core is constructed from a complete aluminium stamped structure rather than from a combustible material. With no composite material present, Induracore G2 is renamed as a Aluminium Laminated Panel (ALP).

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Induraplate is a durable, high impact resistant, solid panel which can be curved and rolled. Induraplate features the same PVDF coating system as Paneltec’s Induracore G2; well proven for its superior quality, extensive colour range and integrity; unlike traditional 3mm powder-coated aluminium.

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Backing Rod

We have the following sizes available…

  • 10mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm


We have B & C Zds available in 6m lengths.

Top hats

We have aluminium and cavity cladding, Top hats available.


Please find below technical data sheet of the silicone we use for our jobs.
Sikaflex AT Façade
Maxilam Sabre Seal MS Façade

Sika Data Sheet

Sabre Data Sheet

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