Architectural Services

Kiwi Can Cladding knows all the ins and outs of Aluminium Composite Material (ACM).  Work closely with us during your planning stages and we can help you achieve your design goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

There are a number of ways Kiwi Can, can assist your architectural design process.

We offer a wealth of product knowledge and specifications. Contact us here to see our diagram for ACM fixing.

Our in-house designers can help you understand the unique properties of ACM and they’d love to talk to you about creating that extraordinary design.

Send us your drawings and our QS will provide millimetre accurate sizing and quotations.

We can cut, roll form, CNC cut, groove and manipulate ACM for all kinds of internal and external applications. Consider ACM not only for cladding but also how it could be used to make a signature statement.

Our ACM range comes in a wide range of standard colours, or we can order out of the ordinary colours if we know well in advance. Contact us to find out about our range.

Give Brogan a call on +64 9 836 1978…we’d love to help you create outstanding results.

Or email us today for a quote or more information.